From: Josh Christensen
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Gamefowl fighting amendments
Date: Wed Mar 04 16:18:33 MST 2015

Representative, Lifferth
I hope and pray that you oppose Gene Davis's bill sb 134 Gamefowl Fighting Amendment for these reasons:
First, they have absolutely no documented proof of anything Gene Davis and the director of the humane society of Utah testified to in the Senate. 
Assertions without proof we are drug dealers, into prostitution, illegal gambling, etc.... It is the same stereo type comments that they have made for years. 
It is highly documented in "American Cocker", a scientific study produced by two college professors from 1974 to 1991, that cockfighters were highly patriotic, God fearing, law abiding citizens, non-violent & "there are no differences between those who engage in this behavior and those who do not." 
Over 300 Billion dollars illegally gambled on legal sporting events such as MMA, boxing, football, baseball, etc... And yet they are still legal. 
Gene Davis and the director of the humane society of Utah have stated that Utah will be a "cockfighting haven" and that "all our surrounding states are felonies."
These statements are not entirely true. The state of Idaho and the state of California are not first conviction  felony states, which means the first & second time you get caught in the act of harvesting gamefowl it is only a class C misdemeanor, and only on the third will it be a felony. Utah is already a class B misdemeanor punishable up to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. and in a recession a $1000 fine is not a joke. Neither is 6 months in prison. 
Gene Davis also stated that in the GAMECOCK magazine someone posted that Utah is an easy state to go fight. But there is no proof of who actually wrote that statement. It could have just as easily been a member of the HSUS trying to help Gene Davis's bill along!
We do not condone breaking the law, we just want the law to change so we can harvest our gamefowl in peace like we use to do. 
Incidentally, Gene Davis also stated that we don't harvest our gamefowl for use, which again he asserted with no proof. Back when it was legal some people sold the hackle feathers for tying flies and the meat for harvest. 
The HSUS tells you that they try and save the roosters but when they do a raid or take some farmer/ranchers roosters they kill ALL of the gamecocks. 
This is a family sport passed down from generation to generation. It isn't about the money. It's about maintaining a family of fowl that our forefathers have past down to all who would take on this great responsibility & honor. 
I hope you can use reason when this bill comes to vote. There is already over-crowding in the prison system, risking cruel and unusual punishment, which violates the 8th amendment. Why fill prison with honest tax paying Americans?
We are a minority group of people who have our beliefs, traditions, cultural heritage & God given rights; which under the 14th amendment guarantees equal protection as for every U.S. Citizens. 
All I'm asking is for u to use your own opinion about the cocking community not what has been the same stereo type used by the HSUS.  Can u really send a family man or women to prison for five long years, away from their children for a animal that the federal government already stated ( chicken ) is exempt from the humane slaughter act of 1958. Also 24 million chickens are killed a day for commercial use & their owners are aloud to do it legally.

  • Overcrowding costs billions in strained revenue. Reducing incarceration for non violent offenses would save state and local governments billions. Center for Economic and Policy Research, June 2010:

    "The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and also the highest rate in its history. A reduction the incarceration rate for non-violent offenders (who now make up over 60 percent of the prison and jail populationwould lower the overaincarceration rate and would also lower correctional expenditures by bi&ions per year, with the large majority of these savings accruing to state and local governments." 

    Felony laws for non-violent offenses are main cause of overcrowding crisis. Center for Economic and Policy Research concludes:

    "Stricter sentencing policies, rather than rising crime, are the main culprit behind skyrocketing incarceration rates. The last three decades have seen the implementation of new “tough on crime” policies. These laws have led to a significant increase in the number people who are incarcerated for non-violent offenses." (Center for Economic and Policy Research, The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration,John Schmitt, Kris Warner, and Sarika Gupta, June 2010. 

Thank you for your time & concern,
Joshua Christensen
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