To: Scott Sandall, David Lifferth, Jack Draxler, Edward Redd, Curt Webb, Jacob Anderegg, Justin Fawson, Gage Froerer, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher, Brad Dee, Mike Schultz, Paul Ray, Curtis Oda, Steve Handy, Stewart Barlow, Timothy D. Hawkes, Raymond Ward, Becky Edwards, Doug Sagers, Susan Duckworth, Sandra Hollins, Rebecca Houck,
Subject: Follow up on personal contact 3/01/15 - My daughter matters.
Date: Wed Mar 04 04:11:25 MST 2015

My daughter matters. . .


She has struggled with debilitating physical and mental health issues that began in grade school. After years of working with various medical and mental health professionals, we finally found answers and started achieving improvement. Two years and 11 prescriptions later, she is now a full-time student at SLCC in the Graphic Design Program.


On her 26th birthday in December 2014, she aged out of medical coverage under my insurance plan. I petitioned my insurance to obtain an extension on her coverage based on disability and was denied. Her disabilities at this point are not considered severe enough. Although she has no income, she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid because she does not receive disability benefits, is not pregnant or a single parent. She doesn’t qualify for assistance under the Affordable Care Act because she has no income. She won’t become successfully employed until she completes school, and won’t be unable to complete school if she pursues employment right now.


I am struggling to continue paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket every month for her medications and medical care. Without them, she will lose the progress she has achieved in regaining her mental and physical health, and will be unable to complete her education or pursue gainful employment. The physical and mental state she was in prior to her current treatment would certainly qualify her for long-term disability benefits. Without continuing treatment she will become another individual with disabilities who may become totally dependent on the system for support. If she continues her treatment, she can complete her education and gain successful employment which will allow her to get her own medical insurance.


Please support the Healthy Utah plan, and allow my daughter, and the hundreds of other Utah citizens who are in similar positions, to have the medical coverage they deserve. Mental and physical health should be a right – not a privilege. The cost may be great, but the cost of not providing it is certain to be greater in the long run, both in dollars and lives.


Prioritize the people of our great State. They are our greatest resource, and they all matter.




Kenna Arcury

258 East 1350 North

Bountiful, UT 94010