From: Gene Ulmer
To: Fred Cox,
Subject: HB 104
Date: Thu Mar 05 22:48:56 MST 2015

I am writing you concerning HB 104 - the Cow Share bill. Our freinds have been small business owners in SLC for over 5 years now.  They have partnered with some good friends of theirs who farm in the Vernal area to provide Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry & Eggs direct from their farm to customers on the Wasatch Front, especially here in SLC where we live.   We,their customers,are very interested in access to local, direct to consumer, pasture raised, humanely raised, no antibiotic, no hormone, non chemically enhanced/processed/cleaned meat, eggs and milk. (and any other high quality local food).  

We do not feel it is the place of government to babysit our food choices.  Raw milk is not the scary food it was 80 years ago before mobile refrigeration was invented.  Modern technology and refrigeration makes raw milk as safe as the 0 proof stuff (pasteurized) you get at conventional grocery stores.  Please do not succumb to those who speak fear, for they are hypocrites whose real motivation is not the health or safety of our citizens, but fear of the loss of market share and the health and safety of their own pocketbooks.  They would have government instead of consumers pick them as the winners in the marketplace.  

In addition to our rights to healthy, local, safe food this particular bill is a property rights issue.   It is astounding that you and I could buy a dairy cow together, have it butchered and split the steaks and burgers while for some reason it is currently illegal for us to buy a dairy cow together and split the milk and butter from our very own cow.  Do I get to keep it or do you?  

We support HB 104 and any legislation that makes it easier for us to find, choose and purchase local high quality food directly from farmers/producers. We ask you to support this bill.  

I am very well aware of the risks and history of milk contamination.  Small scale agriculture is not where the risk is, it comes when milk is pooled from many farms and redistributed. 

As a child we bought all of our milk raw from a farm down the road and pasteurized it at home in a small home pasteurizer.  Today that would be illegal behavior.  

In a world with gang violence and a drug war I cannot imagine how our state could possibly have the resources to go after small scale food production.  Let's get back to basics and legalize the freedom of people to produce and consume food locally on a small scale free of government intrusion.  Our state has been taking steps to increase freedoms in the past years and this is one of the things that draws bright and creative people into the state.  It is time to continue that motion and get this bill passed.
We have also put a couple of links below in preparation for the forthcoming Utah Food Freedom Act to give you a couple of examples of what other states are doing and what we are planning for Utah.  If you would like to sponsor the Utah Food Freedom Act next year please let us know.  If not, we ask for your support when it is presented.  

Thank you for supporting small, local, producer/farm/food businesses all over the great state of Utah!  Individually we may be small.  Collectively we are a powerful force of positive change! 
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