From: Mike Lowe
Subject: HB 407-S2
Date: Fri Mar 06 23:59:15 MST 2015
Dear Representative,

Our family loves driving through the beautiful wide open panoramas of our state after we exit the congested Wasatch Front.  The thought of seeing billboards across any of those landscapes is horrifying to us.  I understand that HB 407-S2 coming up for a vote will shift the burden of proof from the applicant (usually billboard companies) to our small rural counties.  

Rural county boards only meet once/month and don't have the resources required to meet the stringent requirements and deadlines this bill imposes for completing a decision or appeal process. Please make sure that HB 407-S2 is rejected. The burden should stay on the applicant, not on our small rural counties.  Thank you.

Michael R. Lowe
Torrey, UT