From: donjald mckiegan
To: dkubacki, dld, David Lifferth, dlivingston, dmccarthy, Daniel McCay, dmitchell, don.gustavson, don.harris, dorothy.commons, dottie, Doug Sagers, dougstephens, Dixon Pitcher, dritter, drossman, dsams, Dean Sanpei, dsherman, dstevens,
Subject: Fwd: From one terrorist to another.
Date: Sun Sep 27 22:59:47 MDT 2015

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From: donjald mckiegan <>
Date: Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 1:48 PM
Subject: From one terrorist to another.

To all;
I believe, without a doubt, that Barrack Obama was a terrori8st from the moment he first stepped foot on Columbia University' s campus. And, I believe, without a doubt, that under the auspices of the criminal, degenerate, fraud, Lee Bollinger, Obama and Eric Holder were allowed to terrorize the entire Columbia Community with impunity. And, I believe, and I am sure, that Obama and Holder have criminally terrorized me and my entire family since they minute they first took office. Therefore, I believe, without a doubt that the transferring of 100 billion dollars to Iran is simply the transferring of funds from one terrorist to another: for, if you think that intense global sanctions didn't stop Iran's terroristic agenda what do you think giving them 100 billion dollars will do: absolutely nothing but put every defenseless Christian in the middle east and throughout the world's safety at risk, as well as the future and safety of the United States of America.
I believe, the United States of America are the leaders of the free world, not one of a posse of nations that needs to massage the shoulders and stroke the hair of the Iranian leaders to convince them to acquiesce to civility.
And, I believe, John Kerry didn't know what he was doing in Vietnam, didn't know what he was doing in the U.S. Senate, didn't know what he was doing when he ran for President, and still doesn't know what he's doing; but, he might be right when he claims this deal will avert a war, for I believe, possibly once the clueless Hillary Clinton gets elected, we're all going to eventually just have to surrender and all that money she glommed for her husband's funds while galavanting the globe on America's dime will just have to be given back.
Therefore, I believe, that anyone and everyone who votes for or supports the deal should be, just like the unethical, ignorant, user, abuse of power, cowards, Neal T. Schneiderman of New York and Steve Wolfson of Clark County, Nevada, should all be voted out of office and never be allowed to represent anyone anywhere ever again.
I believe,
" It really is time for America"
Donald B. Mckiegan