From: donald mckiegan
To: djgee, dkennedy, dko2103, dkubacki, dld, David Lifferth, dlivingston, dmccarthy, Daniel McCay, dmitchell, don.gustavson, don.harris,
Subject: Fw: Considering the homeless of Salt Lake City
Date: Thu Oct 08 20:07:03 MDT 2015

On Thursday, October 8, 2015 1:39 PM, donald mckiegan <> wrote:

To all;
I believe that I even without my glasses which the degenerate Bishop of Las Vegas ordered stolen from me in Las Vegas am able to see that there is a significant homeless population and situation in Salt Lake City. And, I believe, that there's been a committee like group created to address the situation and to maybe try to find answers. I believe they've suggested and claimed that more money is needed which of course is true but money has been thrown at cities like Detroit and Camden for years and very little progress has been made. Therefore, I believe, the homeless situation in Salt Lake City has to be addressed in two ways, financially and emotionally. Therefore, I believe, besides all the homeless who are able to work getting good jobs they need also mental health and recovery centers created and staffed by legitimate people who are more concerned with doing their job rather than doing what's necessary just to get and keep the job. I believe without a doubt as every Republican wants to quote from Ronald Reagan because who else are we going to quote from, George W. the foot stomper, the homeless concerns in Salt lake City need to be addressed and then there needs to be some sort of Federal oversight into the development of these people's lives and futures. Like Ronald Reagan said about our enemies we need to trust but monitor. Because employing the Republican idea of block grants doesnt usually work anymore as so many just want to glom whatever they can get their hands on, and the Democratic idea of micro managing which is nowadays just usually the guarantee of political patronage jobs for all those who think working for the government means sitting around and doing nothing all day and complaining about those who work 12 hours a day on Wall Street and maybe sometimes more and weekends too.
Quite honestly, I believe, that there needs to be federal oversight into the concerns of the homeless in Salt Lake City because I believe without a doubt there's a significant and influential group that looks to employ those who will work for as little as possible, while those who have entrenched positions in the middle class and have develop mores of that populace and who may even believe yet that the American dream of each generation improving from the previous yet exists.
And, I believe, quite honestly that the answer is multiple agendas being helped simultaneously  because I believe that if I were from the middle glass and I were sleeping on the streets of Salt lake City with only a blanket to cover me and a duffle  for a pillow and having many trying to suppress me under their thumbs and dominate me, I'd probably want to get drunk every night also.And, I believe, and I am wondering with Pope Francis's supposed glorious concern for the poor why hasn't there been a legitimate priest appointed Bishop of Salt Lake City for a while who could possibly bring to and shower this situation with some compassion.
I believe,
"It really is time for a change in America"
Donald B. Mckiegan
"America United, America First."