From: Thomas C. Wikstrom
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: End Daylight Savings Time in Utah
Date: Mon Nov 02 13:54:56 MST 2015
Dear Legislator,

Please consider ending Daylight Savings Time in Utah.  

Arizona has survived well without it and we should follow their lead.  

My child rides his bicycle to school in the dark for half the month of October.  

As a farmer who works with the actual daylight hours regardless of the time I find this changing of the clocks in spring and fall to be a stressful and needless irritation.  

I want the sun to be at the zenith at noon, as it has been since time immemorial.  

People can establish their own earlier summer hours if they see the necessity but certainly no one can put the sun overhead at 1PM.  

Please end this ridiculous experiment.


Thomas Wikstrom

Thomas Wikstrom
Happy Trowels Farm Inc.
896 16th St.
Ogden UT 84404-5913