To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Constituent Non-Support of HB 30--Good Landlord Program Amendments
Date: Thu Feb 04 16:08:12 MST 2016

Rep. Liffereth:

I would like to lend my voice in opposition to HB 30--Good Landlord Program Amendments.
It is my understanding that two very powerful lobbying groups, Utah Board of Realtors and Utah Apartment Association, have influenced for the change in the language of this original bill.  Particularly  they are asking for a revision in lines 80-83, and my great concern is the changes being proposed in lines 97 to 116. 

From my limited understanding of this -- in these proposed changes they are loading this to the advantage of the rental/property management agencies and placing a burden on the municipalities.  Basically, there claim is that it is discriminatory to allow for back ground checks on prospective tenant’s--which is currently allowed under the law.  That was one of the main points in adopting this 8 years ago.
they claim it is a discriminatory practice if Municipalities seek this information--and there fore screen felons, and those persons coming from a half-way house.  I feel these changes in the language will have very real negative--perhaps unintended-- consequences to all municipalities.

From Mayor Pro Tempe of Hooper City point of view, I am opposed to the these proposed changes in the language.  Ogden City adopted this Program 6 years ago with Roy City following in there tracks.  Since then, we have seen in increase in the push out of felons seeking residence with in our city.  Obviously,  I strongly object to this.  Twice I have encouraged my fellow Council members to adopt the Good Landlord Program, and have not yet been able to make my case that Hooper is having a increase in our rental properties.  However, when you track the felons, sex offenders and where they are being housed-- there has been a marked increase in felons in Hooper.

Therefore, from a municipality perspective, I Strongly  am in Non-Support of HB 30.


Lori L. Brinkerhoff
Hooper City Council, District 3 & 6
Weber County Republican Women, Pres. Elect

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