From: Phil Lindhardt
To: Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Kay Mciff, Michael McKell, Carol Moss, Merrill Nelson, mnoel, Curtis Oda, Derrin Owens, Lee Perry, Jeremy Peterson,
Subject: As Rivalries Go
Date: Wed Feb 10 16:23:06 MST 2016

When talking to my University of Utah friends, they tell me they
don't feel that much of a rivalry with BYU anymore. They feel more
of a rivalry with Arizona, USC, and UCLA. When cougars come up
while talking sports, the majority of the time they're referring to
the Washington State cougars.
When talking to my BYU friends, they tell me they feel more of
a rivalry with Gonzaga and Saint Mary's.
Maybe it's not really that important that the U of U and BYU play each
other every year. It's certainly not necessary that the legislature get
involved and force the issue, when there are so many other very
important issues to deal with.
Maybe we ought to let old and new rivalries evolve as they 
naturally will over time.

Phil Lindhardt
1094 E Cedar Ridge Road
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