From: susan heinz
To: Becky Edwards, Joel Briscoe, LaVar Christensen, Bruce Cutler, Justin Fawson, Francis Gibson, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Norm Thurston, Stuart Adams, Lyle Hillyard, Jani Iwamoto, Daniel Thatcher, Steve Urquhart, Aaron Osmond,
Subject: Funding Request for Dyslexic Children
Date: Wed Feb 10 14:45:15 MST 2016
Dear Legislators,

$10,000 would provide 10 students for one year who desperately need help learning to read, by a proven method that will give them the confidence, skills, and the ability to become an amazing reader through the process of learning syllable patterns and types, skills, concepts, and ideas.  This program has the ability to change EVERY child's life and future, when given the opportunity to learn these concepts.  The opportunity is however, lost on children where money is not available to them.  These principles and concepts are not taught, nor are they understood in public schools.  Statistics show that one in five children are dyslexic.  Based on those numbers, this programs not optional, but rather, necessary in reaching out to and providing for any who recognize the need and desire to improve their situation.

Susan Heinz