From: Jack River
To: LaVar Christensen,
Subject: HB234 - Adoptive and Foster Parents Amendments
Date: Sun Feb 14 14:08:53 MST 2016
Dear Lavar et al., I was orphaned at 5 years old, placed into foster care and then adopted at 10 years old. Now, at 33, I struggle with same-sex attraction. I urge you to vote AGAINST HB234. You will hear supporters claim that this bill brings Utah law in line with the Obergefell decision; this case settled marriage only, not adoptions. Adopting a child is not a "right", it is a privilege. If the argument to protect rights is made, then please consider the rights of children. Is it proper to place a young child, whose understanding of sexuality, procreation, and gender are still developing, into the home of an LGBT couple? Respectfully, Jack N River