From: Janet Summit
Subject: HB164 Please do not support this bill
Date: Sun Feb 14 04:35:24 MST 2016
I am very concerned because this bill allows SAGE to be the major factor in determining student's grades and advancement.  It removes parents' rights to opt their children out of tests such as SAGE, and it allows for incentives and rewards to be given to students who take the tests.

I believe that parents should have the right to opt their children out of particular tests that they deem objectionable.  I have real concerns about having tests be a determining factor in student achievement.  I know for a fact that two of my children do not test well - and two others do very well on tests.  I know that would not be a fair basis for determining their learning and development.

Please do not support this bill.  

Janet Summit
2206 N. 1600 E.
North Logan, UT 84341