From: Stacy Peterson
Subject: Bill HB 164
Date: Tue Feb 16 08:16:22 MST 2016

To whom it may concern,
I am writing in concern over bill HB164 in which parental decisions are in danger of being over thrown by political interference. My concern of this bill is that children who are unable to pass these tests will be held back and those that do will be rewarded.

Let me just say as a parent, employee and volunteer who has worked with children for many years, not all children learn the same, and none of them test the same. These tests cause unneeded stress on some kids who simply freeze up at the word "test". Others have medical conditions and cannot take certain online tests. Then there's kids who simply do better on paper. Common core is not a one size fits all deal.

Taking parental right to opt out of testing is a simply really bad idea. There are many reasons a parent might choose to opt out, however that is their choice. To hold a child responsible for the grade on ONE test is simply wrong. These children work hard all year, every day, they make progress every day, so to allow one test to portray the work of a child's whole year would be devastating to the students and may kill the self confidence a child could have taken the year to build up.
Please vote against the changes of this very hurtful bill.
Stacy J Peterson