From: Anne Olsen
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: H.B. 246 and You
Date: Fri Feb 19 22:26:40 MST 2016
I urge your support for the proposed bill H.B. 246. Comprehensive sex education is a vital element to public health that Utah is currently seriously lacking in. H.B. 246 is a unique piece of legislation as it doesn't mandate that all young adults have to go through comprehensive sex education, but rather that it would be provided on an opt-in basis. Abstinence only sex education has proven ineffective time and time again all over this country we call home. This bill is what our public education not only needs but deserves. As someone who went through the Utah Public Education system for all of my high school education, I can confidently say that due to a lack of comprehensive sex education unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and ignorance ran rampant at schools all over the state. Use your political power to change this situation and give Utahns comprehensive sex education once and for all. 

Thank you, 
Anne Olsen