From: Wayne Reese
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: H. B. 301 School Bus Route Grant Program
Date: Tue Feb 16 15:47:46 MST 2016
RE: HB 301 assigned to House Education Committee

Dear Representative Lifferth,

My name is Wayne Reese.  I lead the school transportation program for the Cache and Logan School Districts joint effort in providing school transportation for the school children of Cache Valley.  In addition to providing to and from school transportation, we also provide field/activity trips for each of the Charter Schools in the Valley.

Our desire is to serve all of the families in Cache Valley in the most safe way possible.

My concern with HB 301 is simply one of funding equity.  This bill is being pushed by one district in the state, instead of being a broad joint effort of district transportation programs.  As noted in the “Pupil Transportation Allocation Formula” report dated November 2015 and submitted to the Interim Education committee; state dollars contributed to funding “to and from” schoo l transportation reached a peak of $76,188,776 in 2008, and last year funding was still less at $72,099,945.

If the grant funding (for HB 301) were to come from the to and from allocation (as requested by Rep. Stanard in the Public Ed. Appropriation Sub Committee) it simply would further dilute the value of each mile and minute for eligible students thus hurting every district.  If there is $1,000,000 available to add to pupil transportation, I hope it could help every district by being added to the to and from school allocation.

Several years ago there was the local special transportation tax levy which was designed to help, along with other transportation concerns; hazard bus routes. When that tax was rolled into a combined local tax, the funding did not end, so districts still have that option to use local funding to meat hazard route needs, including us folks in Cache County.

Thank you for your consideration and worthy efforts,


Wayne Reese
Transportation Administrator
Cache County/Logan School Districts