From: Danny Thompson
To: Scott Sandall, David Lifferth, Jack Draxler, Edward Redd, Jacob Anderegg, Justin Fawson, Gage Froerer, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher, Mike Schultz, Paul Ray, Brad Wilson, Timothy D. Hawkes, Raymond Ward, Becky Edwards, Doug Sagers, Susan Duckworth, Sandra Hollins, Rebecca Houck, Joel Briscoe, Angela Romero, Mike Kennedy, Lee Perry, Fred Cox, Sophia DiCaro, LaVar Christensen, Craig Hall, Johnny Anderson, Mark A. Wheatley, Patrice Arent, Carol Moss, Eric Hutchings, Jim Dunnigan, Lynn Hemingway, Daniel McCay, Kim Coleman, Earl Tanner, Bruce Cutler, Steve Eliason, Marie Poulson, Keven John Stratton, Robert Spendlove, Richard Cunningham, Greg Hughes, John Knotwell, Melvin Brown, Kraig Powell, Scott H. Chew, Kay Christofferson, Brian Greene, Derrin Owens, Val Peterson, Bradley Daw, Keith Grover, Jon Stanard, Dean Sanpei, Norm Thurston, Francis Gibson, Michael McKell, Marc Roberts, Merrill Nelson, Brad King, Kay Mciff, Brad Last, John Westwood, mnoel, Lowry Snow, Don Ipson, stuartg, SANalert,
Subject: Bonneville Salt Flats
Date: Sat Feb 20 17:55:19 MST 2016
To Whom It May Concern: Hello, my name is Danny Thompson I am a participant at the Bonneville Salt Flats and have been going to the salt flats since 1968. I am very concerned about the deteriorating conditions of this world renown racing platform and would like to bring below to your attention. The Bonneville Salt Flats (BSF) is a unique resource and national treasure. The first land speed racing record was set in 1914 and the annual “Speed Week” racing event began in 1949. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been its custodian since 1946. Although the BSF is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the BLM has allowed millions of tons of salt to be withdrawn from the BSF. HCR 8 calls attention to the deterioration of the BSF and urges the BLM to work with the Utah Alliance, Save the Salt Coalition and other concerned stakeholders to formulate a Plan to restore the BSF International Speedway to safe land speed racing conditions. HCR 8 urges the U.S. Congress and Utah's congressional delegation to take action to ensure that the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway is restored to safe racing conditions. Sincerely, Danny Thompson