From: Mary Ann
Subject: HB 246 - real issues
Date: Sun Feb 21 23:18:41 MST 2016
Dear House Education Committee Members:  

You will likely be discussing HB 246 this week.  I encourage you to oppose HB 246 - this is not the way to solve the real problem.  Please take the time to actually read what is in the school curriculum.  Note that HB 246 takes the word "marriage" completely out of the sex ed unit!.  Is that really what you want to do? 

The real issue is the discussion about contraception.  

The following paragraph shows that our current curriculum already includes information about contraception.  
See attached Healthy Lifestyles Curriculum (see attached, page 19) 

Standard 6, Objective 4
Identify means of prevention of early and/or unintended pregnancy and sexually
transmitted diseases (e.g., abstinence, disease prevention, contraception/condom use

Teachers are afraid to teach this topic because they are not sure what advocacy means based on the following guidelines outlined in state code.  You need some kind of framework so teachers don't start providing classroom condom demonstrations, but how do you provide general information that is useful (our kids do get married) but appropriate for a classroom discussion.  That balance needs to be somehow defined.   This is what needs a healthy debate.  

The following shall not be taught:
1. The intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, erotic behavior, etc.
2. The advocacy of homosexuality.
3. The advocacy or encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods.
4. The advocacy of sexual relations outside of marriage or sexual promiscuity.
(Utah Administrative Code R277-474-3)

Thanks for educating yourself on the real issue.  

Mary Ann Kirk
Original member of the state sex ed curriculum committee 25 years ago!

Health-Education-7-12 (3) (1).pdf