From: Crystal Painter
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: HB 246- CSE
Date: Wed Feb 24 00:04:45 MST 2016

Dear Mr. Lifferth,

I am writing you out of deep concern for HB 246; the Comprehensive Sex Education Bill. I have done my research and have reviewed some of the curriculum and materials and am disheartened to think that Utah would allow this to be considered sex education. I am gravely concerned and hope that you are too. There is clearly an agenda in the curriculum and I believe that if the parents of Utah really knew what was included in this CSE program, they would not support it. I have seen the polls, however even I was foolish enough in the early stages to think it was for traditional sex education, which clearly it is not. CSE has no place in this state nor in this country as far as I am concerned and I ask you to please seriously consider the long term ramifications to our children if this comes to Utah.

I urge you to please not support CSE and do whatever you can to keep it out of Utah.

I thank you for your service to the people of Utah.


Kind regards,

Crystal Painter

Sandy, UT