Subject: HB 164 & HB 246
Date: Tue Feb 23 16:53:15 MST 2016
Dear representative,
I am emailing to you to express my sincere concerns with the 2 proposed bills that are up for vote today, HB 164 & HB 246.  I am sure you are well aware of the intent that both of these 2 bills have to further remove the God given rights of parents in the public school system and the advocated moral corruption that is a part of HB 246 .  Surely you must know that these bills among others that have passed in recent years are striving to take control of our children and to assume our God given stewardship over our children?  No one could possibly believe that you are or were unaware of what these bills contain.  Ignorance cannot be claimed if either of these bills pass, only willful participation of such evil acts.
I am asking you to PLEASE not allow these 2 bills to pass.  These bills have nothing but a nefarious intent upon which will rest upon your head if these bills are allowed to pass.  Please....if you're concerned at all about your soul, you will do your part as our representative to ensure that these bills DO NOT PASS.  PLEASE?
Thank you,

Teresa Lindquist