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Subject: HJR 8 Not a Good Thing
Date: Thu Feb 25 04:10:14 MST 2016
Honorable members of the state legislature:
Re Applications to the federal government to call for a constitutional convention as enumerated in Article V of the U.S Constitution, I would like to point out that many state legislatures have been duped into making such a highly dangerous request. The danger is that this could, and most likely would, result in the complete loss of the constitution as you know it.
Among many of the misconceptions of article V is the idea that after the government makes the call for the convention, that the states would actually be in charge of things from there on out. No way is this true. There's nothing in article V that says anything like that. That's just the spin put on the effort to entice you to make the application. Actually, making the application is all you are authorized to do. And as far as three -fourths of the states legislatures being required to ratify the proposed amendments, that is highly unlikely. You see, NOBODY has ANY authority over a constitutional convention. The only one we have had, in 1787, shows us this. THAT convention was "mandated" to get ratification by 100 % of the states to be accepted. The convention changed that "mandate" to three-fourths. The government is actually responsible for such things as determining location of the convention, selection of delegates, & such. But, once the convention is convened, not even the congress has any authority over it. Regardless of what our present constitution says in regard to ratification, once the convention is convened, that can go out the window. There are a number of new constitutions waiting in the wings which have ratifications completely ignoring the states.
States now have the power to nullify any non-constitutional act the government engages in. These days, that is almost everything they do. The only reason to have 34 states apply for a convention is to get rid of the constitution.
Among the numerous reasons cited to have a constitutional convention (sometimes deceptively called a "convention of states", compact, or some such thing) is to make an amendment for financial curtailment or a "Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).
I'm asking you to take a look at the information provided you by Publius Huldah on a BBA. Please note there is a plethora of additional information about the constitution at PubliusHuldah.Wordpress.Com. This woman is a 72 year old retired lawyer that travels the country talking about the constitution, free of charge, mostly about article V. You would really be depriving yourself and the country if you failed to look at this before making a decision about submitting an application for a BBA or any other reason, for making an article V application. It is the application that is the loaded gun. The "reason" given is just the bait. (if this link doesn't work for you, please just type this in)
"RC" Harding, Member, Organizer
912 First Landing Patriots (a Constitution
Study Group)
757 214 2852