To: Stewart Barlow, Melvin Brown, Scott H. Chew, Kay Christofferson, Bradley Daw, Brad Dee, Jack Draxler, Justin Fawson, Gage Froerer, Francis Gibson, Brian Greene, Keith Grover, Norm Thurston, Keven John Stratton, Curt Webb, John Westwood, Brad Wilson, Earl Tanner, Timothy D. Hawkes, Eric Hutchings, Ken Ivory, Mike Kennedy, Brad King, John Knotwell, Brad Last, Daniel McCay, Michael McKell, Mike Schultz, Jeremy Peterson, Merrill Nelson, mnoel, Curtis Oda, Val Peterson, Edward Redd, Marc Roberts, Doug Sagers, Scott Sandall, Dean Sanpei, Jon Stanard, David Lifferth,
Subject: Concerns Regarding Voting Rationale
Date: Thu Feb 25 03:09:43 MST 2016

To Whom it May Concern,

I am saddened and disappointed to learn you voted against HB 187 to end the use of gas chambers in Utah shelters. It’s unbelievable that this brutal and inhumane way of euthanizing cats and dogs still exists, and I'd like to see it end here in Utah. I am heavily involved in the rescue community here, and sadly, have experienced frst hand the disturbing reality of gassing. Lethal injection is a far more humane ending, and I fail to understand the rationale behind your vote. What is the downside to banning gas chambers? Perhaps you might read this article and then take a moment and respond so I can get a better understand of the rationale behind your vote.

Thank You,

Marianne Dennison