From: Tori Pack
To: Stewart Barlow, Melvin Brown, Scott H. Chew, Kay Christofferson, Bradley Daw, Brad Dee, Jack Draxler, Justin Fawson, Gage Froerer, Francis Gibson, Brian Greene, Keith Grover, Norm Thurston, Keven John Stratton, Curt Webb, John Westwood, Brad Wilson, Earl Tanner, Timothy D. Hawkes, Eric Hutchings, Ken Ivory, Mike Kennedy, Brad King, John Knotwell, Brad Last, Daniel McCay, Michael McKell, Mike Schultz, Jeremy Peterson, Merrill Nelson, mnoel, Curtis Oda, Val Peterson, Edward Redd, Marc Roberts, Doug Sagers, Scott Sandall, Dean Sanpei, Jon Stanard, David Lifferth,
Subject: HB187
Date: Wed Feb 24 18:57:29 MST 2016
Dear Representatives, I am writing to you, pleading for you to vote for the END of use of gas chambers in Utah. This way of euthanizing may be more convenient for shelter staff so that they do not "see" the animal choke, throw up, and struggle until they take their last breath, but it is absolutely inhumane to put any animal through that kind of death. EBI is quick, low cost and humane. Please let the animals be treated with kindness and dignity. Thank you for your time in reading my email. Tori Pack, Mt. Pleasant, Utah