From: Rep. Norm Thurston
To: n.carlsongotts,
Subject: Re: HB 246 Reproductive Health Amendments
Date: Sun Feb 28 19:00:52 MST 2016
I do not like this bill one bit.  Thanks.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 10:05 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Representatives
The Women's Democratic Club of Utah is in full support of HB 246, Reproductive Health Amendments.
We believe that in educating our youth on sex education, we will reduce unwanted pregnancies, prevent STDs and
many other consequences due to lack of knowledge about our bodies.
The attached letter further describes our concerns and why we are for this very important bill - for our youth.
Please vote in favor of this bill.
Nancy Carlson-Gotts
President, Women's Democratic Club of Utah
On behalf of the Club membership

Rep. Norm Thurston
House District 64
Call or text: 801-477-5348
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