From: Ronda Varney
To: Scott Sandall, Curt Webb, Edward Redd, Melvin Brown, Scott H. Chew, thawks, Doug Sagers, Norm Thurston, dsanpel, Keven John Stratton, Brian Greene, David Lifferth, Ken Ivory, Justin Fawson, Jack Draxler, Merrill Nelson, Francis Gibson, Marc Roberts, Val Peterson, John Knotwell, Brad Last, Bradley Daw, bking, Gage Froerer, John Westwood, Keith Grover, Mike Kennedy, Stewart Barlow, Earl Tanner, Daniel McCay, Brad Wilson, bgreen, Michael McKell, Kay Christofferson, Brad Dee, Jeremy Peterson, Mike Schultz, jstandard, Eric Hutchings, Curtis Oda,
Subject: Concerned citizen
Date: Mon Feb 29 15:30:18 MST 2016
Dear Sirs,   
      I would like to know your reasoning behind voting against H.B. 187.  Please do not insult my intelligence by saying it only applies to aggressive animals, I know first hand that all animals are at risk from this treatment.  It sickens me to read what an animal goes through when it is euthanized by gas. So again,  please tell me your reasoning when gas euthanasia is more expensive and less humane.  The Lord's directive was for man to care for the animals on earth.  Is this what he would chose to do?  I will be waiting for an answer.  Thank you.

                                             Ronda Varney