From: Susan V
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: I Ask You To Support HB 423 and SB 45
Date: Wed Mar 02 05:48:43 MST 2016

Dear Representative Lifferth;

I'm writing to you at this time to voice my gravest concerns over the state's educational issues, in particular with regard to the federal government's massive and mandated control over the people of Utah by means of what's commonly referred to as "Common Core," though it may be disguised under other titles.  

I'm a simple person, a law-abiding citizen, a native of Utah.  I don't yet fully understand all the processes of government, but I'm intent on learning; thus, you may not even be involved with one or the other bills I'm addressing here.  I am not schooled in the artifices of law, it's language, nor the clever ways some persons holding power would, for some strange reason, want to take away our simple yet most precious rights to decide what's best for our children and families.  It boils down to power, control, pride, and greed, doesn't it?  

I have grandchildren in public schools who have not been taught the simple basic multiplication tables, but instead, a form of mathematics that is as foreign as Greek, and as idiotic as Betty Boop.  Though they try, their parents cannot help them.  This disgusting dumbing-down of our kids and creating barriers among generations is pathetic and shameful, and we will see our grandchildren pay a very heavy price for their public-educational-induced ignorance.  

For Pete's sake, can't we all see why homeschooling has taken top honors in every aspect of children's education these days?  When I was young wished I could have homeschooled my kids, but back then I had no idea how, nor did we have any supportive resources to do so.  Homeschooling is to me the ideal, but most parents can't indulge in that activity and must use public schools.  Therefore, it's imperative to raise the bar of public education to at least the level of homeschooling and get any type of "Common Core" education out of Utah's educational systems.

Please, for the sake of our kids and our State, support HB 423/SB 45.  HB 423 will set us up so we can ignore the attached, chains...of the federal government; and SB 45 will remove the idiotic criminal penalties on parents if kids are truant.          

Do what's right for Utah!

Thanks for your sincere consideration.

Susan Valentine

Brigham City