From: Aimee Lewis
Subject: For the sake of Utah: Please vote against SB246!
Date: Tue Mar 08 23:51:15 MST 2016

Dear Representative, 

Please vote NO to SB246!!

Here is an  LA times article   and the newly published  article by Van Jones   which gives some context for Sen. Adams bill -- SB246 .

This bill would invest $53 million dollars of sales tax revenue into the privately owned Oakland Coal Export Terminal. Then this money would be reimbursed by the Mineral Lease Account. 

But wait.  Shouldn't these Mineral Lease Account funds be used to actually help communities impacted by fossil fuel development to build roads, schools, libraries, parks or other public infrastructure projects right here in Utah? Not further tie them to a very fiscally volatile past in another state?

Especially, another  state that is so vehemently fighting this project?

Even if this project is somehow allowed by the state of California, it is an incredibly risky venture --  According to a 2015  Goldman Sach's analysis, "Peak Coal is here." The article further describes the continuing decline in coal prices that will not recover. 

Finally, this is not the type of policy which should be presented in the last 8 days of the session, as it gives little opportunity to vet this enormous investment of taxpayer money. 

Please OPPOSE this risky investment of Utah taxpayer money.  

Thank you!


Aimee Lewis
Concerned Citizen of Utah