From: Peter L Anderson
Subject: Ed. Bills: YES on SB19, SB45 & NO on Milner’s SB67, SB78, SB101, SB 149
Date: Thu Mar 10 04:13:49 MST 2016

Dear Representative:   Since the session ends Thurs and your time is so valuable , here is a single email with a brief summary of 6 different bills that relate to education.  Thank you for the countless hours you have spent before and during the session!

Although you may disagree with the following position on one or more of these bills, please consider each individually.  

Respectfully, Peter Anderson  801-643-9497

P.S. I have 30 years’ experience as a professional educator.  I taught kindergarten through junior college.  I was an elementary principal and both junior & senior-high assistant principal, as well as a junior-high counselor and high-school librarian.


Please vote NO.  These bills will cost millions for unnecessary programs and/or negatively impact education

  • NO on SB 67 - Partnerships for Student Success (Millner).   Creates a $5 Million program for community partnerships administered thru UNITED WAY!  It requires DATA COLLECTION in EXCHANGE FOR SERVICES!  It is part of the cradle to career plan for the "NEW CIVIC INFRASTRUCTURE"  
  • NO on SB 78 - State Board of Education Candidate Selection (Millner).   This bill would alter our process for nominating school board candidates to a nominating committee which VETS applicants without considering philosophies or viewpoints and then sends ALL APPLICANTS to the Governor. The governor chooses the Candidates for the ballot without considering philosophies or viewpoints!
  • NO on SB 101 - High Quality School Readiness Program Expansion (Millner).   This creates an $11.5 MILLION pre-school program for welfare children and intergenerational poverty.  Expanding government funding for younger and younger children NOT the proper role of government!  
  • No on SB 149 - School Grading Modifications (Millner).   This bill DRASTICALLY dumbs down the grading scale for school performance to the point that it is irrelevant!  

Please vote YES for local control and allowing parents to make decisions for their children.

  • YES on SCR 19 - Concurrent Resolution on Education (Adams).   This resolution calls for Utah's separation from FEDERAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS!  Utah should control the education of our children.
  • YES on SB 45 - Compulsory Education Revisions (Jackson).   This bill reduces the penalty for truancy of children to an infraction.  It gives parents more latitude in deciding what is best for children in relation to their school attendance.




 Thank you for your kind consideration of this email.