From: Elizabeth Eve King
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Re: Gas Chamber
Date: Tue Jun 14 22:26:30 MDT 2016
> > > Dear Rep. Lifferth, > No, I’m in Sandy Utah. We went no kill last year. > But I’m concerned about the continuing use of Gas Chambers in eight Utah animal shelters. Fox News, says: “The gas chamber is a torturous method of euthanasia and not every animal dies after enduring it.” Senator Todd Weiler agrees and said it's time local shelters ended the practice.. Utah is one of only 11 states in the nation that still uses gas chambers to put down stray pets. " It has been recommended by every national organization that you should euthanize by injection,” said Deann Shepherd, director of communications for the Humane Society of Utah. In Utah, the eight shelters still using the gas chamber serve an estimated 41 percent of the state's population. I am writingUtah Legislators urging them to support a bill to outlaw gas chambers in Utah’s animal shelters, How Gas chambers work - animals are placed in the chamber together, they may begin fighting out of fear and desperation. For several minutes, may be in the box, terrified, clawing and calling for a way out. They may struggle for air or begin convulsing before finally losing consciousness. Under the best circumstances, it takes minutes before an animal loses consciousness inside a gas chamber. But in many cases the animal is still conscious while its vital organs begin to shut down. While most shelters around the country practice humane euthanasia by injection of approved drugs Eight shelters in Utah still use the gas chamber, a method The Humane Society, Best Friends and every other major animal welfare group believe belongs in the past. Since 2013, approximately 70 chambers in 13 states have voluntarily closed their chambers, and outright bans on chamber use for pets have been passed in Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina and the Commonwealth of Saipan. >> Do you live in Saratoga Springs or Eagle Mountain? >> >> >> Thanks, >> Rep. Dave Lifferth >> 801.358.9124 >> Utah State Legislature >> *House District #2 - Saratoga Springs & Eagle Mountain >> *Utah State Republican SCC representing Utah County >> *Utah State Republican Party Audit Committee >> >> >> >> >> > d=6cca093d20&e=56a0a32df5> (follow me on Twitter for regular updates) >> >> > =c417341565&e=56a0a32df5>(Like me on Facebook for regular updates) >> >> >> * Ranked #1 by >> Utah Taxpayers Assoc. with 100% rating >> >> * Ranked #3 by >> Libertas with 90% rating >> >> * #1 Legislator in Utah on Social Media:Twitter+Facebook+Blogs+Surveys >> >> * Recognized by >> Foundation for Government Accountability as one of leading >> Legislators in >> the Nation on Social Media >> >> >> >> View emails in my Official Legislative Email In Box >> >> >> >> >> >> On 6/14/16, 12:12 AM, "Elizabeth Eve King" wrote: >> >>> >>> Did you know that Utah is one of only a few states that still permits >>> animal shelters to kill animals ingas chambers? >>> >>> This is a cruel method, that can take up to an hour or more. During that >>> hour the animals are scared as they slowly die alone in a cage, box, or >>> drawer. The air is sucked out while the animals, cats and dogs - pets- >>> suffocate. >>> Gas chambers are inhumane and outdated. I think if you saw this torture >>> you¹d be horrified. >>> It¹s a cruel embarrassment to our state. >>> >>> Please demand the Utah Legislature pass a bill to end gas chamber use in >>> animal shelters. >>> Thank you, >>> Sincerely, >>> Dr. King >> >