From: kara edwards
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: sage testing
Date: Mon Jun 13 17:05:24 MDT 2016

Dear David,


My  8th grade daughter came home from school a few weeks ago and said that in addition to sage testing, they will now have to take a long math final for her math class.   This is because of the law recently passed that does not allow teachers to use the SAGE test as a final test on the student’s grade. 



I am so frustrated that  this new law forces her teacher to do even more testing than last year. I see no reason her SAGE test score cannot be used as her final test score.  It covers all the standards she has been taught all year and makes a perfect final exam.  Other parents who don’t like SAGE already have the option to “opt” their child out and take an alternative assessment. Why is my child having to be double tested?



Can you please remedy this situation and pass a law next year that would allow the SAGE test to be used on the student’s grades again?  I know state standardized testing was used as final test grades for many years previously and makes complete sense since the test covers all the material the students should have been taught throughout the year.  There is NO NEED to force a second assessment on children.



Kara Edwards