Date: Sat Jun 04 20:44:30 MDT 2016
     I am sending this to the governors and the members of the state congresses in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NE, NM, OR, UT, WA, and WY.
     Federal law says that when a territory becomes a state, all land not needed by the federal government for forts, post offices, etc., will be  GIVEN TO THE STATES.   This should have been done when each territory became a state.
      I suggest that the states who have land coming to us from the federal government, get together, set a date, and tell the feds, that is when we will  TAKE POSSESSION OF  OUR  LAND , and then do whatever is necessary to accomplish this. I suggest that the name for the day be called  TAKE POSSESSION OF  OUR  LAND DAY .  If enough states do it at the same time, it would be hard for the feds to stop us from  TAKING POSSESSION OF  OUR  LAND.
     Each state would send a list to the feds of  THEIR LAND  that they will be  TAKING POSSESSION OF .  The notice would include any federal laws that allow the state to  TAKE POSSESSION OF  OUR  LAND .  Each state would also have to inform federal, and possibly military personnel that it is  ILLEGAL  for them to obey an  ILLEGAL  order from the president, or from the generals, or from any federal department head who tries to stop us from  TAKING POSSESSION OF  OUR  LAND .  The news media would be informed of the intention of the states, and of all federal laws that apply.
     Sheriffs have authority to stop  ALL FEDERAL OFFICIALS  in their county, and to stop  ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES  from interfering with  TAKE POSSESSION OF   OUR   LAND DAY , and would be given a list by their governor of the land that they will be authorized to  TAKE POSSESSION OF .
     Haven¹t  WE  waited long enough to take  POSSESSION OF  OUR  LAND , or do  WE  want to keep  LOSING REVENUE  from land that is  OURS , and do  WE  want to keep paying the expenses of the  FOREST FIRES  we keep having  EVERY YEAR , and having the  LOSS OF LIFE  from the fires because the feds won¹t let us take out the dead trees and underbrush, or do  ANYTHING ELSE  that we know should be done?
     Our  ILLEGAL PRESIDENT  is not even a citizen of the United States, and our congress knows this, but they are letting him do whatever he wants to do, even though a lot of the things he has done are  ILLEGAL  for him to do.  I suggest you ask  YOUR  federal politicians why they are allowing an  ILLEGAL  to be president, and why they are allowing him to  CREATE OR CHANGE LAWS , even though congress is the only part of the government that can.  If you have any doubts about obama (not capitalized on purpose) being an illegal, read this (  To read more, just type, ³obama's fake birth certificate explained² in your browser, and take your pick.