From: Scott Nuttall
To: Jacob Anderegg, Mike Kennedy, Keven John Stratton, Kay Christofferson, Brian Greene, Val Peterson, Bradley Daw, Keith Grover, Dean Sanpei, Norm Thurston, Francis Gibson, Michael McKell, Marc Roberts, David Lifferth,
Subject: Obama's illegal "decree" regarding the newest perversion
Date: Wed May 18 02:28:47 MDT 2016

Dear Utah Legislators:

As a citizen of Utah County, I must voice my total opposition to the disastrous policy  Obama is trying to force upon this nation.

I expect, as our representative, you will do everything necessary to prevent such policies being enforced in this State that are intended to undermine the rights that are provided by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We must protect all of our citizens----especially our children.

Thank you

D. Scott Nuttall