From: Suzanne Chapman
To: zanchappy,
Subject: Please protect our children and society on school transgender bathroom issues
Date: Mon May 16 15:36:14 MDT 2016
Good morning,

 I wanted to reach out to you and plead that you help protect the masses of our children by taking a stand against the federal attempt to dictate the transgender bathroom issue.

The thought that my innocent young daughters and sons could be exposed to anatomy of the opposite sex in dressing rooms and bathrooms at school as the "norm" is so mindboggling that is sickens me. This issue is an egregious overreach of the federal government and must be stopped. We cannot allow this moral decay and government intrusion that our founding fathers warned against.

Again, I would plead that you help protect the future of our children and society by taking a stand, holding a special legislative session or whatever it takes to not allow our school bathrooms and children to be open to this social experiment. 

Thank you,

Suzanne Chapman
Utah mother of 6 children and lover of time-honored principles of freedom