From: Katherine Brown
Subject: Transgender bathrooms
Date: Mon May 16 15:36:19 MDT 2016
School Board and State Legislature Members,

I am very concerned for the safety of the people of our nation, particularly children, because of the Obama administration's directive to open all school bathrooms and locker rooms to all, regardless of gender. I see this as the beginning of a marked increase in the likelihood of molestation, lawsuits all around. This federal overreach is unconstitutional and though not a "law" per se, it certainly sounds like an attempt to represent itself as one with punishments meted out by the government for not following its mandates. Utah is a state dedicated to the safe keeping of its people and the protection of our children. We are a state leading the march against pornography. Let us continue to help lead the way in the preservation of our children's innocence and safety.

I am the mother of six children. Though we respect others, we also respect ourselves and our right to privacy and freedom from fear. Just as I would not send my children intentionally into harms way, neither would I have them put themselves in a bathroom or locker room situation where there is increased likelihood of being harmed or watched when they are changing, using the bathroom or showering. It is my duty and my right to protect my children.

For more than fifteen years I have been a foster parent, some of whom were the victims of molestation. Protecting our children is more important than federal funds. The safety of our people far outweighs the cost of any strings attached by the government. Obama and his administration are not our king or dictators. They do not have the right to tell states how to run their schools. President Obama has a few specific powers. This certainly isn't one of them.

In the past I have home schooled my children. I f the schools enact this directive t here will be many parents who will begin or return to home schooling their children. I would be one of them.

In your upcoming meetings and sessions please hold strong against this and any other encroachment which may come concerning the protection of children and the rights of freedom of religion and the exercise of conscience.

Thank you for your time and your dedication to our people, our schools, our state and our nation.

Katherine Brown