From: Tanya Sutterfield
Subject: Obama/US Department of Education bathroom policy
Date: Mon May 16 14:40:10 MDT 2016
Good morning Utah state representatives,

The policy decreed by the Obama admin/U.S. Department of Education strong-arming schools, colleges, libraries, and museums to allow individuals to use which ever locker room/ bathroom they feel they identify with needs a response from our state that is firm, absolute and unyielding.

We will NOT comply and cower to their threats of withholding funding. Let them keep the money we as tax payers entrusted them with, their abuse of power and immoral rule will not be tolerated by the citizens of Utah.

They need a response from you, our representatives, that leaves no room for misinterpretation. The people of Utah will make our own policy, policy that protects children and families, and will under no circumstances allow them to undermine the safety of our citizens or force their moral decay on us for money. This will cause an exodus from public schools if not rejected.

Please represent us with the strength of conviction that we as a people feel on this matter.
Thank you for your effort in this very urgent matter,
Tanya Sutterfield