From: Diane Fisher
Subject: Letter for Schools on Transgender Policies
Date: Sun May 15 04:31:15 MDT 2016
Dear Utah Legislator,

I just read part of the letter for the schools on transgender policies to be implemented in the schools.  The policies are appalling.  I can only imagine the kind of violation of privacy that this creates.  I urge you to reject it on every level and know that federal funding is not cause for imposing this on schools. This violates my children's rights and values. This is not safe for children. This kind of unprecedented and out of proper jurisdiction actions from the national government needs a check system.  YOU and ME!

I currently have two children in the public school system. I have a teaching degree and wouldn't hesitate for a moment to bring them home.

Please give this your kind attention and have the courage to protect the children of Utah.

Thank you.
Diane Fisher
Riverton, Utah