From: Joyce Anderson
To: utahboard2,
Subject: Obama's executive order regarding restroom use by members of the opposite sex
Date: Sun May 15 02:47:27 MDT 2016
To law makers and government leaders,

I am outraged to say the least, about Obama's ruling on Friday.  I cannot, and will not sit idly by and do nothing to stop what he has done.  I have a 14 year old daughter and 7 granddaughters who often use public restrooms.  This "mandated guidance" sickens me to the core.  Obama has not only created a situation where anyone of the opposite sex must be allowed to use the restroom of their choice but he has opened the door to teenage boys and girls going into the restroom and taking pictures of members of the opposite sex using the restroom and posting it on public media simply because they think it is funny.  It also opens the door to sexual predators having access to children of the opposite sex.  He is also stooping so low as to use extortion to accomplish his agenda.  Threatening to take away funding for the education of America's school children.  He needs to be stopped today.  I am not sure I even want to send my student to school Monday morning.  I am not saying that those who are LGBT are sexual predators or have any intent to harm anyone.  I am concerned because anyone "straight" or otherwise can now enter a restroom of their choice and this is indecent and poses potential threat and harm to everyone.  It goes against common sense and wisdom.  I believe there are other solutions to the problem such as what has been done in N.C. allowing students to use a single stall restroom with no access to others.  I do not believe we must put the general public at risk to accommodate those who may identify themselves with the opposite biological sex, there are other ways to allow them their rights while keeping the rights of others intact.  

I have to wonder what happened to my rights.  We hear so much today about black lives matter, gay lives matter, cop lives matter, well my life matters too and I do not wish to be in a restroom with someone of the opposite  biological sex.  I certainly do not want my 14 year old student in the restroom with anyone of the opposite sex.  Maybe we should all stage a walkout, encouraging our students not to attend school until the matter is resolved appropriately.  Though I know this is not realistic, and education is important we must somehow make Obama listen to our message. 

What is going to happen on Monday? and the next day?

What is planned for Utah come Monday morning to keep my daughter and all students in Utah schools safe?

Please help me know what I can do.

Joyce Anderson
Concerned Citizen