From: Angilyn Mathews
To: Angilyn Mathews,
Subject: School bathroom policy
Date: Sat May 14 22:59:36 MDT 2016

I'm a mother of six children and I'm very concerned about the bathroom policy that was announced for our schools yesterday. It's never okay to force something on others that goes against their values, and it's definitely not okay to force this on children when they have no say in the matter. 

President Obama is over stepping his authority and Utah needs to be among the first to stand up against the bullying of the federal government. They've threatened to remove funding but money should not be a reason to ignore our children's safety or to give up our moral agency. We can't let the threat of losing funds be a reason to submit to them.

Please make this issue part of the special legislative session this Wednesday. I'm also asking you to adopt policies or do whatever is necessary to protect our children from being forced to share bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, etc with the opposite gender.

I appreciate all that you do for our children.


Angilyn Mathews