From: Denise Bryce
Subject: President's mandate on gender / bathroom /schools.
Date: Sat May 14 21:35:08 MDT 2016
Dear Representative, President Obama has ordered the schools of our state to admit any person of any gender to any bathroom or locker room. Yesterday I really liked his order. Here's why: I'm a 48 year old mother of seven who is taking classes at Salt Lake Community College. I use the gym at SLCC. I like the idea of walking into the men's locker room. Talk about eye candy! I've seen the young college guys in the weight room, I'd love to see them unclothed in the locker room! Additionally, my former fiancé also uses the SLCC gym before work. My surprising him, my catching him literally with his pants down, sounds like a fantastic idea! And no one can ask me if I'm male, female, or what I "identify as" for that particular day. Asking me what the :bleep: a shapely female is doing in the men's locker room is forbidden by the president's mandate. The statements above are true. Every single one of them. However, after further thought, since I don't want men walking into the ladies' locker room and surprising me, probably I should follow the golden rule and stay out of theirs. Seriously, please block the president's mandate. If you don't, men less noble than I will take advantage of the eye candy available to them in the ladies' locker room. Thank you. Denise Bryce Taylorsville