From: Ben Tanner
Subject: K-3 Early Intervention Reading Program
Date: Thu Apr 07 20:00:45 MDT 2016
Dear UT Senators and Representatives,
I just heard about Governor Herbert’s veto for funding the K-3 Early Intervention Reading Program. While that is a supremely unfortunate action, I understand the legislature is considering an override of this veto. I, for one, would strongly encourage you to vote to continue this funding.

Funding education is always a concern. Since resources are limited it becomes even more important to back those initiatives that make a difference for the children and do so efficiently. Methods for improving the quality of education continue to change and technology is playing a big part in that. The use of software focused on early reading skills makes a difference for students working toward proficiency in those early grades. Without that reading proficiency these children will continue to struggle. If they don't show proficiency by third grade, it becomes very difficult for them to progress through school. And if they struggle in school it is difficult to become a productive citizen and contributor in the community. The combination of early reading software and high quality teaching is far more likely to produce proficient readers and put children on the right track.

Thank you for the work you do in the legislature to improve education. It is vital to the success of Utah children and I believe the K-3 Early Intervention Reading program is making a difference and can continue to do so.

Ben Tanner