From: Melissa J Hart
To: Luz Escamilla, Jim Dabakis, Gene Davis, Jani Iwamoto, Karen Mayne, Wayne Harper, Deidre Henderson, Brian Shiozawa, Wayne Niederhauser, Lincoln Fillmore, Howard Stephenson, Daniel Thatcher, Mark Madsen, Al Jackson, Margaret Dayton, curt, Peter Knudson, Ann Millner, Allen Christensen, Scott Jenkins, Jerry Stevenson, Stuart Adams, Todd Weiler, Ralph Okerlund, Lyle Hillyard, Kevin Van Tassell, David Hinkins, Evan Vickers, Steve Urquhart, Scott Sandall, David Lifferth, Jack Draxler, Edward Redd, Curt Webb, Jacob Anderegg, Justin Fawson, Gage Froerer, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher, Brad Dee, Mike Schultz, Paul Ray, Curtis Oda, Brad Wilson, Steve Handy, Stewart Barlow, Timothy D. Hawkes, Raymond Ward, Becky Edwards, Doug Sagers, Susan Duckworth, Sandra Hollins, Rebecca Houck, Joel Briscoe, Angela Romero, Mike Kennedy, Brian King, Lee Perry, Fred Cox, Sophia DiCaro, LaVar Christensen, Craig Hall, Johnny Anderson, Mark A. Wheatley, Patrice Arent, Carol Moss, Eric Hutchings, Jim Dunnigan, Lynn Hemingway, Daniel McCay, Kim Coleman, Earl Tanner, Bruce Cutler, Steve Eliason, Marie Poulson, Ken Ivory, Keven John Stratton, Robert Spendlove, Richard Cunningham, Greg Hughes, John Knotwell, Melvin Brown, Kraig Powell, Scott H. Chew, Kay Christofferson, Brian Greene, Derrin Owens, Val Peterson, Bradley Daw, Keith Grover, Jon Stanard, Dean Sanpei, Norm Thurston, Francis Gibson, Michael McKell, Marc Roberts, Merrill Nelson, Brad King, Kay Mciff, Brad Last, John Westwood, mnoel, Lowry Snow, Don Ipson,
Subject: K-3 Early Intervention Reading Program
Date: Thu Apr 07 20:00:19 MDT 2016

Dear Utah Senators and Representatives,


I am writing to express my concern about Governor Herbert's veto of the K-3 Early Intervention Reading Program. I associate with a number of elementary school teachers, and I know how how taxed they are to perform all of their duties. They are strapped to the max to meet the needs of their classes as a whole and also each student's individual needs. The funds currently provided by the K-3 Early Intervention Reading Program provide huge helps for teachers to meet the needs of their students. Taking away this money would be detrimental to teachers and their students. I understand that there may be other routes for these funds to be provided to educators; I just hope that the immediacy of the program chosen is also taken into consideration. K-3 EIRP has already been implemented, and I worry that implementing another program will leave schools, educators, and students hanging, lacking the resources they need to be successful.

Thank you for your public service and for considering this issue. I encourage you to vote to continue the K-3 EIRP funding.


Melissa Hart