From: Kimberly Nilsson
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please override Governor Herbert's veto, K-3 Reading Program
Date: Thu Apr 07 19:37:59 MDT 2016

Dear Representative Lifferth,


 I’m writing you in regards to Governor Herbert’s veto for funding the K-3 Early Intervention Reading Program.  I understand that the legislature is considering an override of this veto.  I strongly encourage you to vote in behalf of this continuing this funding.


A lack of reading proficiency has a devastating effect on our young children.  If they do not show proficiency by third grade, it is very difficult for them to progress through school and become productive citizens.  Early reading software coupled with high quality teaching can ensure our students all become proficient readers, setting them on a trajectory for success throughout their lives.


Without reading skills and literacy fluency, children are not able to take advantage of the majority of opportunities that will come their way -- reading and literacy are almost essential to survival in today's world.  Let's please allow these children to have their futures!


I appreciate the legislature’s interest in improving education for Utah’s children.  I believe the K-3 Early Intervention Reading program is making a difference in our schools and hope it can continue for years to come.




Kimberly Nilsson

Orem, UT