From: Eric Hafen
Subject: Veto of SB2
Date: Wed Apr 06 17:18:39 MDT 2016

Thank you for once again putting Utah in a strong financial position and finding a way to direct more resources to education. My wife is a teacher, so we are especially grateful for the latter.

I also want to voice my support for the K-3 Early Intervention Reading Program which is part of SB2.

I am supportive of this program because interactive software gives Utah children an opportunity to learn at their own pace, get immediate feedback, and take new risks. As one child stated about educational software, “yes, this is fun, but it’s hard fun”.

The most recent report to the legislature on this reading program highlights the positive impact the software is having across the state. Thank you for funding this initiative in the past, and I encourage you to do so in the future.


Eric and Sunny Hafen