From: Kathy Dennis
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: SB89S06 and amendments
Date: Thu Mar 10 19:32:11 MST 2016
Dear Rep. Lifferth, I respectfully request that you support and strongly encourage passage of SB89S06 with amendments. The authors of this bill and its substitutes have spent an enormous amount of energy, thought and care to write this bill. I have watched them from the sidelines, from meeting rooms, from the committee rooms and from the Chambers present, talk about, gather input, revise, adjust the bill, reach out to constituents about the bill in an effort to get the best possible medical cannabis bill they can for the state of Utah. Is it perfect? No. Will it help people? Yes! There are some that have said it should be killed for a variety of reasons. I don’t need to go into those reasons, but I plead with you not to listen to those voices. I’ve been attending town hall meetings in southern Davis County where 80% of the people present, when polled, want a good medical cannabis bill to pass regardless of other concerns. I’ve been in my church when people come to me, as a member of the Drug Policy Project of Utah, and ask me to do all I can to get this bill passed. These are not young people or people that look like druggies. T hey are people like me who either know that medical cannabis works for them or believe that they want to try it to help resolve their medical problems. I’m 68 years old, a retired federal employee who loves the state Utah. When I retired 8 years ago after working for 29 years, I did not have any health issues. I volunteered in the community in a variety of capacities, helped start a community garden at the Salt Lake City jail and worked with prisoners, grew my own garden and donated much of what I grew to the Bountiful food pantry. Then I started having pain which ultimately was diagnosed as osteoarthritis and as my body deteriorated due to this disease, I had to give up the things in the community I was doing because of pain. I’ve had three back surgeries, including a fusion of L4-L5 and a total right hip replacement, all directly related to my disease. I have lived with chronic pain for 7 years, and I know cannabis, including THC and CBD, helps with the pain. I’ve been on every drug that there is for pain management, but they eventually quit working and then the quality of my life deteriorates. This bill might help me, and it is certainly better than the opiates, tylenol, muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, valium, and other drugs that I have to take to try to help me get through the day. I’ve worked hard in my life, raised five children, and want to enjoy it more, but modern pharmaceuticals don’t work for me anymore or they make me fuzzy, not in control, and certainly make me depressed. Please, please, please allow and support the passage of SB89Sub06 to help the many, many people in this state like me and others who suffer from so many diseases that we know cannabis will help. Respectfully, Kathleen Dennis Bountiful