From: Cameron Diehl
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: ULCT Legislative update for March 9, 2016
Date: Thu Mar 10 06:02:48 MST 2016

Hello folks, One more dawn! One more day! One day more! The legislative session wraps up in about 25 hours and today was a busy day for Team ULCT.

Hello folks,
One more dawn! One more day! One day more!

The legislative session wraps up in about 25 hours and today was a busy day for Team ULCT. This email will update you on HB 297, SB 80, and SB 122. This email will also remind you to contact your Senator to urge him/her to vote against HB 360 if it appears in the Senate on Thursday.

HB 297
Team ULCT met with Rep. Eric Hutchings to discuss Sen. Lyle Hillyard’s substitute to HB 297 in the Senate. The substituted language includes recommendations from the Utah Judicial Council that was previously located in SB 202. Some prosecutors and law enforcement officials contacted ULCT and UAC about concerns. Bountiful Police Chief Tom Ross (and President of the Chiefs of Police Association), Sandy’s John Hiskey, ULCT’s Brandon Smith, Utah Association of Counties staff, and your correspondent met with the Administrative Office of the Courts and reached consensus on some improvements to the bill. We expect the language to be incorporated into a new substitute tomorrow. During the conversation between Rep. Eric Hutchings, ULCT’s Ken Bullock, and your correspondent, ULCT committed to continue partnering with the state to implement last year’s HB 348 (Justice Reinvestment Initiative).

SB 80
The House of Representatives considered Sen. Stuart Adams’ SB 80 Infrastructure Funding Amendments. Rep. Dean Sanpei offered a substitute to SB 80 that reduces the level of funding—approximately $70 million in current dollars over five years—from state sales tax revenues currently allocated for transportation capacity projects. The bill transfers that portion of sales tax revenues to water infrastructure, public education, and other general needs. The bill does not impact last year’s HB 362 motor fuel tax modifications. UDOT also publicly explained that the substitute would not delay or negatively impact any currently programmed projects funded through the Transportation Investment Fund (which is programmed through 2022). After an hour of floor debate, the House passed the bill. You can read the Salt Lake Tribune article here.

SB 122
Rep. Joel Briscoe presented Sen. Evan Vickers’ SB 122 Wildland Fire Policy Updates on the House floor today. SB 122 is the culmination of a yearlong effort to refocus the state and local approach to wildland fire. ULCT’s working group spent countless hours discussing the wildland fire changes and ULCT appreciates the participation of dozens of city officials from across the state. You can read more about last year’s efforts here. The bill has a delayed effective date of January 1, 2017 to give ULCT, UAC, and the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands sufficient time to prepare cities, districts, and counties to implement the bill. Thanks to Division Director Brian Cottam and his staff as well as to Sen. Vickers and Rep. Briscoe for their efforts.

With that, tomorrow the House and Senate will deliberate on the floor from 8 am until midnight. In the evening, your correspondent will keep an eye on the House and Senate reading calendars and on Utah’s Mozart--the Pac 12 player of the year and native Austrian Jakob Poertl—in the Pac 12 tourney. Team ULCT hopes for a successful night in Vegas and in Salt Lake!

Thanks to you all for your involvement in ULCT and we’ll wrap everything up tomorrow night!

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