From: Kent Barker
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: PLEASE VOTE AGAINST SB0115 Sustainable Transportation and Energy
Date: Tue Mar 08 22:56:08 MST 2016
Representative David Lifferth,
I want to express my concerns with SB0115, the “Sustainable Transportation and Energy”.
Specifically I am concerned about removing the oversight of the Public Service Commission on Rocky Mountain Power tariffs.
This bill has been tailored towards protecting the Monopoly that RMP (Rocky Mountain Power) has on selling power to the residents of Utah.
The ‘Transportaion’ part consists of terminating the RMP Solar Incentive program and instead using the funds to promote electric vehicles, in an as yet unspecified way.
In 2001, PacifiCorp was purchased by  Scottish Power . Since 2006, PacifiCorp has been a wholly owned subsidiary of  Berkshire Hathaway Energy  (formerly MidAmerican), itself an affiliate of  Berkshire Hathaway .
Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway has stated that he wants to completely terminate Net Metering, which would end clean power production for residential customers.
In fact the whole bill seems to have been written by Warren Buffet himself, to protect profits in his new ‘toy’.
I just don’t understand how the Legislature would allow RMP to bypass the PSC (Public Service Commission).  The PSC is the only one watching out for the interests of the residents of Utah.
Also the Bill SB0115 does not consider value of clean energy in its statements concerning Net Metering.  But the PSC does understand the value clean energy production in an area that has one of the highest air pollution problems in the country.    Lets give clean electric energy production a chance in Utah.
Kent Barker
9683 S 2740 W
South Jordan, UT 84095
Cell: 801-80-6417