From: Mary Ann Pope
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please vote NO on SB38 and YES on HB193
Date: Mon Mar 07 19:04:12 MST 2016

Dear Representative Last,


I am a voting citizen of Utah.  Education is the most important issue to me as a voter.   We need strong public schools for ALL of our children.  Please do not take away public school funds and give them to charter schools.  You would be hurting the majority of our children to help a few.  The voters of Utah need transparency, so that we know what schools our taxes are supporting. 


Please vote NO on SB38 and YES on HB193.  Please tell Utah that care about ALL our children and want them all to get the best education possible.




MaryAnn Pope

9698 South Altamont Dr.  Sandy, Ut