From: Judi Caler
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: UTAH HJR18 - Keep out the Trojan horse!
Date: Mon Mar 07 01:08:53 MST 2016
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March 6, 2016                  Citizens Against an Article V Convention                       URGENT!



HJR18  - Urgent - on 3rd reading! 

Honorable David Lifferth

Utah House of Representatives

Dear Representative Lifferth,




Do you remember when you first ran for office and thought you could do some good for your constituents and the people of Utah ? You took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. Proponents of an Article V convention aren’t happy with the Constitution that you were hired to defend; they want to rewrite it. And they can’t do that without a convention.


Despite unfaithful delegate bills or any other pretended limits, Delegates to an Article V convention cannot be controlled by state or federal laws. Delegates are the direct representatives of "We the People" and have the inherent right to “alter or abolish” our Form of Government, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, paragraph 2. They would have more power than the State Legislature or the federal government. And we have no idea who those Delegates would be!


Pretended limits are a marketing gimmick designed to get your YES vote on the Application. After that, State Legislatures are out of the picture: please see this CHART which explains in simple terms who has the power to do what under Article V.


With as much money and arm twisting as the proponents of an Article V convention are able to muster, it is obvious this movement is not coming from the grassroots. Please don’t vote with those who wish to trick you or with those who have been tricked themselves into setting a process in motion that will lead to the demise of the very Constitution to which you swore an oath to uphold. Please don't let the Trojan horse in!  


See our linked analysis for detailed opposition to HJR18


Can I count on you to Vote NO on HJR18? Our States’ sovereignty depends upon it. I welcome your comments and questions.



Judi Caler, President

Citizens Against an Article V Convention




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