To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Re: medical cannabis
Date: Sat Mar 05 20:31:24 MST 2016
Springville Utah Rocky Nelson 801-368-7855 Sent from my iPhone > On Mar 5, 2016, at 11:51 AM, David Lifferth wrote: > > Rocky, > > Where do you live? > > Thanks, > Rep. Dave Lifferth > 801.358.9124 > Utah State Legislature > *House District #2 - Saratoga Springs & Eagle Mountain > *Utah State Republican SCC representing Utah County > *Utah State Republican Party Audit Committee > > > > > d=6cca093d20&e=56a0a32df5> (follow me on Twitter for regular updates) > > =c417341565&e=56a0a32df5>(Like me on Facebook for regular updates) > > > * Ranked #1 by > Utah Taxpayers Assoc. with 100% rating > > * Ranked #3 by > Libertas with 90% rating > > * #1 Legislator in Utah on Social Media:Twitter+Facebook+Blogs+Surveys > > * Recognized by > Foundation for Government Accountability as one of leading > Legislators in > the Nation on Social Media > > > > View emails in my Official Legislative Email In Box > > > > > >> On 3/4/16, 11:25 PM, "Rocky Nelson" wrote: >> >> Dear Mr. David Lifferth, >> >> I am writing you again, urging you to vote yes for the Medical Cannabis >> Bill 73. I know for a fact that this helps people with chronic pain. I >> have been taking opiate medication since 1983 when I broke my back in a >> car accident. I am very lucky and can handle these types of pain killers >> and still maintain employment and look forward to retiring in a couple of >> years. >> >> Two years ago when Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use we >> took a little vacation to watch some baseball games and relax. I was >> curious to see if the cannabis they had would do anything for my pain. >> We purchased some cookies and cannabis. I couldn't believe what happen >> when I tried it. Within 5 minutes I was out of pain, and I was't high. >> I was totally out of pain, and it had an analgesic effect on me, I can >> get by with taking less pain pills the next day. I asked the people at >> the shop why I didn't high, it just helped the pain, they said its the >> way they can hybrid the plant. I only use this at night to sleep or >> when my back is so bad I can't stand the pain anymore. I also know that >> our accidental suicide rate with opiates will go down. It has in other >> states a minimum of 25% and that is proven and any on website. >> >> I could testify to this and many other examples of cannabis helping >> people with glaucoma, epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer. This needs to me >> medically legal for physicians to have the ability to prescribe this >> medicine to help people with these issues. It's not fair to keep this >> from the public any longer. >> >> Please keep this information private, I would appreciate it very much. >> >> >> Regards >> >> Rocky Nelson >> 801-368-7855-cell >