From: Gini Newman
To: Jack Draxler, Justin Fawson, Brad King, Brad King, David Lifferth, Carol Moss, John Westwood,
Subject: SB 0100
Date: Wed Mar 02 20:23:11 MST 2016
House Transportation Committee Members,
I would like to share some concerns and clarifications for this bill and how it will effect travelers of Hwy 89/91 and the Town of Mantua.  
Senator Hillyard calls this bill preventing “Policing for Profit.”   The Mantua Chief of Police earns a salary of $42,000 per year and works 40 per week.   He does not receive a bonus based on tickets.   The revenue from public safety pays for public safety.   Just a FYI, he does not receive a salary as mayor, that is a volunteer position.   And the 3 other officers all work part time.  
If the budget is cut, then patrol time will be cut and safety in the canyon will decrease.     
Much has been said about the improved safety of the canyon, however the center barrier does not extend from Mantua into Brigham City.  
The news report that Senator Hillyard has based this bill upon has some information that is not complete.   The Box Elder Highway Patrol would patrol Hwy 89/91 for free, but they do not respond to calls in Mantua for free.   There would need to be a yearly contract with Box Elder County.   The town has researched this cost and determined that it is cost effective for the town to have its own Police and Fire department.   The response time is faster and the liability insurance for the town is lower.    
Senator Hillyard has also stated that this bill is not about the $60,000 revenue the State of Utah will receive because it does not make that much difference in the state’s budget.   That amount does make a significant difference in the Mantua budget.  
Just as the State is telling the Federal Government that local control is better, I would like to remind you of that.   Local control with proper oversite is better.
I hope that you will remember these concerns while considering this bill.   Thank you for your time.
Virginia Newman