From: Donald L. Asay
Subject: STOP HRJ008!
Date: Mon Feb 29 00:53:38 MST 2016
     We are deeply dismayed at the Resolution calling for a convention to amend the Constitution of the United States!  (HJR008)  It truly opens the entire United States Constitution to revision.  This is the most dangerous resolution of its type which has been brought forth to date!  Please do not be deceived.  If this convention came to pass, there are no limits or bounds to the power granted to modify the Constitution.
     As far as a balanced budget is concerned - if we would just follow the Constitution as it is written and as the Founding Fathers intended, we would have a balanced budget!  As for term limits - if by chance we have a legislator who had integrity and honored his Oath of Office, wouldn't we want to keep him!?
     How could we possibly consider turning over such a tremendous power and the future to legislators who constantly violate their Oath of Office?  There is no need to correct the Constitution.  We and our elected officials need to abide by it!  Please vote NO on HJR008 and every other effort to modify our wonderful Constitution!  Seek restoration, not change!!
     We appreciate the good work you do!
         Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Asay
         Richmond, Utah 84333